Giorgio Palmera

Giorgio Palmera, born in Rome in 1968, where he currently lives and works.
He is principally a social photographer, supported by the European Union and Non-Governmental Organisations, reporting from the Middle East, Africa and Central America.
Between 1996 and 1998 he spent a lot of time in Nicaragua, where he came up with the idea of running photography workshops for street kids. With this experience backing him, in 2002 he created the group Fotografi Senza Frontiere, serving as its founder and president. Photography workshops followed in Algeria, with the Saharawi population, in Palestine, in Uganda, in Argentina and Panama with the Kuna people. His photojournalism reports have been published in National Geographic Italia, Newsweek, Le Monde Diplomatique, Photò and Internazionale. He published a book of photographs about the construction of the wall in Palestine, Al Jidar, Trolley Ltd, London 2007; a book about prostitution in Uganda, Body and Soul, Postcart, Rome 2009.
Lately, won the Lucca Book Contest 2011 with a book on the reconstruction of memories in Argentina, MEMORIA, Postcart, Rome 2011.

One of the founder photographers of the “Echo” project.

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